Kafé Tie Down Clamp
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Kafe Tie Down Clamp

The idea and concept for the Tie Down Clamp comes from the same place as many other industry changing products have come from in the past, and that is a customer with a problem which needs to be truly solved.

Anyone who has transported a motorcycle or scooter can appreciate the difficulties associated with securing their prized possession in the back of a pick up or on a trailer. Motorcycles and scooters are equipped with bodywork and fairings, which are easily damaged because there is simply no place to secure the hook of a tie down. Damage to controls, cracked bodywork, and damaged grips are very common. Not Anymore!

Why Does It Work?

The patent pending Tie Down Clamp that works because of it's unique octagonal shape. The concept was to build a tie down that can completely wrap around the grip for maximum surface coverage, while using the octagonal shape to hold it in place (like a wrench does on a bolt). The inside of the Tie Down Clamp is lined by a protective rubber pad which protects the grips.

Past products have attempted to solve this problem. Basic loop straps, and oversized plastic cups connected by a nylon strap over the tank. These provide the surface coverage needed on the grip to prevent damage and twisting of the grips. The plastic cup versions also put a lot of their stress on the very end of the bar, because it doesn't actually fit the grip to a snug fit. This can cause damage to the bar ends and the end of the throttle tube. It's really all about distributing the force over the largest area possible.

The Kafé Tie Down Clamp is made in the USA. Made from steel. Built to last!

Which Motorcycles Do They Work On?

The Tie Down Clamp works on sport bikes, sport touring, adventure touring, adventure sports, full-sized scooters and mopeds. It also works on most models with 7⁄8" bars.